Bedroom Renovation

Well, If I’m going to do something, I have to say (trumpets at full blow), I usually do a bloody good job, however, I can also either a) do a really shocking job of it and then deny all knowledge or b) not bother at all.

Kinda like this blog. I’m here, it’s 2am and I should be catching up on 12 months of lost sleep, but instead I’m addicted to sharing shit with strangers. Go Figure…

The defining aspect of which kind of job I do depends on how much I enjoy it. I’m so fickle! It used to depend solely on final outcomes, I used to thrive on that feeling you get when you finish something, the pride and self-satisfaction. But, I’m too old and tired for that now; these days, my effort depends solely on if the journey’s deemed worth it and by worth it, I mean; is it not a complete pain in the ass to get to the end result, does it make things better and if so, I can usually stick it out..

Decorating my bedroom initially was a job where I was driven by the end-result. I couldn’t (and still can’t) wait to take pride in the finished article.  However, the journey is really starting to piss me off! It feels like a lifetime ago we went shopping for the paint-pallette and we’re still at it!!

bedroomdecIt’s turned into a complete renovation task. Walls have been taken out, plastered, skirting’s, floorboards, entire new furniture sought out etc. But, I’m not a fan of modern furniture so I had to seek out old fashioned, well built, one-off items online (took months but I think we’re there now). BUT then even that isn’t good enough for Miss Rose, nope. Instead, said furniture then needs revamping and refurbishing to ‘my taste’. So, each individual piece has been stripped, repaired, sanded, primed, painted, glazed, distressed, glazed again and then varnished and it’s currently (much to my oldest son’s dismay) all stacking up (we are drowning in furniture for my bedroom that can’t yet go in the bedroom – hence my older boy’s shins are black and blue from continuously bumping into things – Pahaha!). All this whilst we are having to sleep in the bedroom too. IT IS PAINFUL (even more so for Morgan lol)!!!

I wanted to share though because as it’s starting to become impossible, I am on a sole-defining life-mission right now and reminding myself to find the happy in each moment – daily. AND therefore, by remembering my ‘end goal’, I really think it will give me a bit of a push, to remember that I was the one who said ‘it will be worth it when it’s done’ and get my ass off here to go pick up a paintbrush.

So: here’s my initial board for bedroom ideas: projecticonGorgeous Huh?

We had some shelves fitted at the weekend, they are awaiting painting (for me to get my ass off here and into my decorating jeans), and then we can get the floors treated -whew! The shelves were another brain wave by yours truly 🙂

Greg’s completely conditioned to let me just get on with it by now (we’ve been together a lifetime already), he just smiles and nods or stays quiet and that mean yes. Actually it might not mean yes, I’ve never clarified, but his silence definitely isn’t an argument for no, so usually I just go ahead and he sits back (shaking his head in dismay) and watches the crazy unravel – or as I like to call it: the magic happen.  Occasionally he’ll raise his eyebrows (because he knows it usually means more work for him), but my ‘chewing wasps’ face frightens him, so the eyebrows return to their normal level (he actually has nice eyebrows for a guy – awww). Rarely he will have the balls to stop me, speak up and ask me to explain ‘what the fuck’ I am on about ‘how the hell are we gonna do that then? Are you gonna get changing rooms in or I suppose I’m gonna have to do it aren’t I?’ lol.. BUT, most of the time, he smiles and ignores me – it means YES DEAR.. Do what YOU want DEAR 🙂 I like the quiet. ‘Happy wife, Happy life’ 🙂

You’d think we lived in a mansion the way I’m whining on about ‘all the work I’ve got to do’ when in fact, it’s just a 2.4 home. BUT, it’s our home and it will be worth it.. (I have to keep telling myself that as I’m sat here freezing my ass off staring at a set of half painted drawers and my clothes are literally stuffed wherever I can hide them in the boys’ wardrobes – safe).. It. Will. Be. Worth. It!

Greg spent all day Saturday painting a really, really old dresser I clocked on e-bay. I, however spent the day out shopping. What was anticipated as a ‘fun day out for some retail therapy with the boys, in reality, it meant; me dragging the kids round Meadowhall shopping, arguing at every store entrance I wanted to go in and they didn’t, sweating our asses off in queues far too long for March and ending in my baby-boy being completely worn out exhausted and having a diabetic hypo in Tesco – right next to the teabags. Yep – it was a fab idea in theory, practicality was a fucking disaster!

Meadowhall on Saturday’s is a mug’s game. Never again!!

I did find some cute Minnie Mouse pumps though.. mmm … They were reeealllly cute 🙂 and we got Carter (youngest boy) some cool bits for his birthday (I am now bankrupt forevermore), and we did giggle a lot, and we bought prawns and chicken for dinner and I got a new top – hmm maybe not so bad then?! At least it was better than painting 🙂 dresser1

Anyway, THE DRESSER: It’s absolutely gorgeous. The man did a brilliant job.. It needed quite a bit of repair (the e-bay auction omitted that AND the seller hid it when we collected it – wanker!). But, it really will be gorgeous when it’s finished. I’ve taken a crap ton of photo’s, I’ll share them when it’s done.

This was how it originally came to us, the photo looks better than it was. I think it was that bad we almost chopped it up for the burner at one point! Well, Greg suggested it and I growled at him and then sweetly pointed out all the repair work he could do – because you know – he’s not got owt else to do :o) (I think he growled back at that hahaha).

Anyway, he set about it, spent an entire weekend freezing his ass off outside fixing it up and sanding it down and to be fair, he did a fucking awesome job! It’s great!

Here’s a sneak peak at it with colour (cant help myself): dresser

You can see the top half behind it (it’s all painted now though), the detail looks amazing in blue, it’s waiting for me to glaze it and distress it back down before I varnish it.. It’s all waiting for me. My guy’s done a fab job of the ‘dirty work’ I need to give myself a wiggle and give it some sparkle now – get on with it woman!!!

I actually think that I really love decorating -I think. I just don’t like doing anything. I like the idea of decorating, not the reality! That’s it! I just like it when it’s finished.

I think I’m coming round just looking at my lovely blue dresser though…  It will be worth it, won’t it?..

I’m still working out whether the journey’s too painful to call it a day and live the rest of our lives in squalor, with clothes we can no longer find but swear are ‘somewhere safe’ OR if I can find the motivation from somewhere to get off my ass and drag it to the finish line. It really will be worth it (If I say it enough, I know I will convince myself)…

Maybe I’ll decide when I’ve had my cuppa in the morning. Everything seems better after a cuppa! I am a Yorkshireman after all…

Shit! It’s 3am now, when I’m dragging my creaky, cold, grumpy ass out of bed at 7am to see to the lads I’ll regret this.. But oohhh, look at my dresser.. It’s so lovely 🙂

Sweet Dreams World

Sparkles, Rose ❤



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