Manchester PHC Conference 2017

Off the back of releasing Carters Video online (facebook, twitter etc). I was invited to the Public Health Collaboration Conference this past Sunday in Manchester. I was amazed that anyone watched it let alone at this level and it was an honour to give consent for it to be shown to these medical professionals for…Read more Manchester PHC Conference 2017

UII Video Catalogue

Welcome to my UII Video Catalogue - Useful, Informative & Inspirational Videos (all catalogued in one post).. Recently I have received messages and e-mails off people asking me 'where do I start?' or 'I have a friend and I want to give them your details, what's the best thing to show them?' Well, I haven't…Read more UII Video Catalogue

Diabetes Awareness Week 2017

Hello! It's Diabetes Awareness Week! I ALMOST wrote 'Happy Diabetes Awareness Week' but then I realised just how insane that sounded. There is nothing 'happy' about having diabetes OR your child being diabetic. Ask any Diabetic. I’m not saying they aren’t happy because I am sure they are but if you asked them to describe…Read more Diabetes Awareness Week 2017

T1 Transparency

  In attempt to remain transparent with my sons diabetes management and offer support to Type 1's and parents of Type 1's that it is possible to better control blood sugars and for them to live a long, healthy, complication free life. I regularly share my sons entire profile off his Dexcom. It is far from perfect, but…Read more T1 Transparency