Type1Bug #T1Bug

Remember the T1 Butterfly Project? Well.. It has evolved! Butterflies don't last forever - this one has evolved into a powerful - hardy BUG! The Type 1 BUG (Type1Bug)! #T1Bug It's a play on words - Bug's spread - WE NEED to Spread our message - fab! Also: Type 1 Diabetes is frequently (and all…Read more Type1Bug #T1Bug

A Month of Food in Photos

As you know by now; we adopted a Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle as per Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solutions to achieve normal non-diabetic blood sugars for my son Carter to maintain his health and longevity. This also has health benefits for all of us. High blood sugars caused by eating sugar and carbohydrates are good for no…Read more A Month of Food in Photos

Type1 Butterfly Project

Dependant on where you live in the world you may be familiar with the 'Secret Blue Butterfly Project' and may have even seen some Butterflies dotted around. May even found one for yourself or wondered what they are? Well; it's a pay it forward project designed to spread love, positivity and happiness. The idea is…Read more Type1 Butterfly Project

Manchester PHC Conference 2017

Off the back of releasing Carters Video online (facebook, twitter etc). I was invited to the Public Health Collaboration Conference this past Sunday in Manchester. I was amazed that anyone watched it let alone at this level and it was an honour to give consent for it to be shown to these medical professionals for…Read more Manchester PHC Conference 2017