Stress v’s Blood Glucose Levels

Carter had his phone taken off him today at school.. for typing ‘happy birthday’ at the end of his message in our school group chat..

Carter: ‘I’m 5.2 should I take 1/2u Novarapid with lunch?’
Greg’s reply ‘you should be ok but if you’re above 5.8 and not having PE, you could if you feel you need to’
Carters reply ‘ok, Happy Birthday Daddy’

Now, I don’t dispute that he wrote more than he needed to in his reply but did he need punishing?
He’s never done this before and it’s kinda a special day BUT the teacher made the decision to take it away and he couldn’t get any input / Dexcom readings for the rest of the day.. Because he didn’t message T1 related words only..

So then, he totally forgot his insulin at lunch due to being all out of focus and upset that he got told off (he’s completely perfect Peter at school is my boy)..
Therefore he had his insulin as he ate which explains the spike before his actrapid kicked in.
Still, it just shows how amazing the food we eat behaves in his body as the spike was barely a spike anyway and to eat that without insulin – nice!! It should be the only eating option for type 1’s!!

Dex just updated as he got home – he was fine..

But, maybe the teacher should punish him in a different way though than taking the phone/Dexcom facility away? He never abuses it and never would.. He realises he was wrong now but it wasn’t intentional..

The following day Carter was anxious going into school and his blood sugars were considerably higher all day, he was reprimanded again and had his phone removed even though his Dad had spoken with school. We didn’t know what was happening until he got home and had no correspondence which wasn’t nice.

Luckily, we have addressed this now and the phone is back in play. Carter knows not to deviate from ‘yes, no, help, ok’ ..

Still, the impact on his blood sugars was notable and not something that I was very happy about.

Hopefully this won’t happen again!



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