Did you have a nice Easter Holiday?
We did!


The Pundits Chocolate Eggs were a huge hit and wonderful on Carters blood sugars.
The boys had 2 each and after enjoying some on Easter Day, they ate them bit by bit over the week that followed (last week)..

Pundits also sent a Free Bar of their yummy stevia sweetened, gluten free Milk Chocolate for my boys to share which was very kind and is waiting for them in the fridge.
Chocolate is yummy of course and Pundits is an absolute blessing to have found.
We are very grateful for the work these guys have put in for us and families like us here in the UK..
BUT, I’d like to add that chocolate no longer defines our holidays like it used to:
I won’t lie, it really used to.. Easter Eggs lasted until the summer.
Mountains of chocolate eggs everywhere!!! The boys had to have to collect them up from the garden hunt in wheel barrows – and we were proud of it!
Showering them with love (chocolate) because that’s what Easter is all about – right?!
How wrong we were!!
Just a marketers dream, blinded by the enticing commercial traps dictated by the massive manufacturers and retail companies to shift their products and enhance their profits!!
You see, we didn’t know any different back then. Easter = Chocolate and that’s just how it was!!
It’s how I was raised, how my husband was raised and how we raised our boys.
It was tradition and it’s how society celebrates the holiday..
Why would you ever break tradition?
Stand alone from the crowd and deny yourself the comfort of chocolate at easter?
I suppose you wouldn’t, unless you had a reason to ever think different? A change point, a life changing experience that turned your whole world on it’s axis..
Just like what happened to us..
And then you learn..
I learnt and now I know that doing what we did wasn’t healthy and wasn’t the best for my boys AND if certainly doesn’t allow for normal blood sugars or long term health and wellness – at – all!!
The Easter Carter was diagnosed, he was unconscious all holiday. So, we donated his eggs to the children’s ward at the hospital. Instead, the Easter Bunny visited and left him a Nerf Gun as he slept.
Seeing our boy like that, receiving his T1 diagnosis and knowing my Mums story; I decided there and then that chocolate would never define our Easters ever again, regardless of all the ‘he can still have chocolate just give him insulin, he can eat what he wants, nothing has to change, insulin has advanced so much’ advice at the time…
They told us to keep him 1 eggs for when he was better but in my mind, I knew Diabetes and Chocolate = Bad! I knew Chocolate was bad for my Mum so why would it not be the same for Carter? No insulin is that good!
So, the boys have received football strips, Xbox vouchers, trainers, books or cash instead – and been healthier and very happy in doing so..
Of course, we were blessed with the Pundits eggs this year and for that, we are very grateful.
You see; I make no secret of the fact that I long for a world where our T1 kids can have options and more choices considered ‘normal’ moving forward; to create an easier, more inclusive world.
Myself and my husband work hard with different businesses to create more ease and choice for families here in the UK who walk the same path as us..
We do this because just having that small element of tradition and normality knitted into our new journey was a welcomed addition and the fact that the options we achieve are perfectly safe and healthy, it means we are developing a more sustainable path for families who come next..
A world where our kids can choose something ‘easy’ or ‘normal’ but still healthy when they go out with friends. Or have more convenience moving forward into adulthood and their working lives in order to sustain our life-path and maintain their health and longevity..
Plus, sometimes, being 10, you want a bit of what everyone else has and as brave and strong as my boy is to stand up for what he knows is right for him, even if that means standing alone. Being part of what society considers ‘normal’ helps with the forever factor – because we are in this forever!
This isn’t a temporary diet for weight loss or a fad to see what happens – this is our life now..
This is How We Live Now!
So, the Easter Bunny came and left loads of pretty, sparkly eggs and colourful baby chicks all over our home.
It looked super magical!

We played board games, went out for a walk in the snow, ate healthy, nutritional buffet style foods of Chucky eggs with brocolli, homemade bread sticks, muffins, cheese and ham to dip in the yolks and we had salad, chicken, prawns and finger foods in the evening..

We enjoyed a family Wii night, worked-out together, practiced meditation, watched movies, played cards and just generally enjoyed the downtime of a gloomy UK Bank Holiday – together!
Diabetes didn’t factor much into our weekend at all. Carter remained steady and safe so we could focus on family time and having fun instead.
It’s why we do what we do..
This is How We Live Now ❤️ #hwln #t1family


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