Carters Freedom..

I gave Carter less insulin for breakfast today anticipating his gym tricking class and then a full day at the parkour/ trampoline gym.
I well underestimated it as you can see from his Dexcom profile.
He went high!
So, just over an hour before we left, I gave him 1/2u of Novarapid which would normally drop him back down to around 4.5mmol, perfect for his class..
However, I made the crucial mistake (that I shout about and tell people NOT to do) of underestimating just how much activity affects insulin sensitivity (for carter it’s almost 3x as much).
So, he went into sports with Insulin on board – not much insulin but definitely the tail end of his corrective shot..
And of course, at his class, he began to drop.
I got the glucose out watching his trend and he seemed to level out..
I gave him 2g glucose just to slow the drop anyway, he was working hard so it wouldn’t hurt..
He continued drop – slower..
Then he levelled out..
According to the Dexcom he was fine..
BUT, according to Carter he was not.
I was watching him and it looked like it was getting hard work, he was slower, jumping shorter, flopping.
Slower and slower..
I almost shouted him over but the Dex was ok and I knew he would stop if he felt low..
‘Stop worrying – give him some independence – let him listen to his own body, he will feel if he needs help and he will ask’
All this is going on in my head, I have to trust that, because I am letting him spend the day alone.. I need to know that he knows and he’s capable..
So I just watched – had the Glucose ready if he needed it..
Then he came over and flopped down..
‘I’m low mum’
He was right..
Well done baby..
So, he had glucose. He only had 15mins left of his class and was itching to get back but he listened to his body and took a pause..
I was really proud because Carter has a habit of shovelling Glucose in and running off and today he actually stopped and managed himself properly – how he should – and that’s good!
That’s what I need him to do.
I have always taught him that no matter where he is or what he’s doing; when he’s low or feels low, he stops, sits down and tests, treats rests and waits to feel better..
Hypo’s can happen quickly and progress to being dangerous – fast.
I’d much rather him fall/loose consciousness from sitting than standing, the damage would be less and therefore the risk of harm is lower..
Fortunately he’s NEVER been low enough where he’s ever been close to loosing consciousness but still, the risk is there and therefore we reduce it as much as we can.
So he is safe.
And that’s how I have taught him to behave during a hypo, so that I know whenever he’s not with me, that’s what he will do and he will be safe..
He chewed on a 4g dextrose tab so the glucose would pass into his system quicker than it would just swallowing it, took on water to allow the glucose more fluid to flow into and work faster and off he went..
He did really well too – landed his front flip a few times although I didn’t catch it on my phone.
I did get a cool shot of him and his instructor front flipping though but Carter didn’t quite manage his landing..
I’ll add it in the comments..
Next week I’ll get it!!
After class he grabbed some chicken, took on water and off he went to the OpenSession with his instructor friend.
I’ve never let him do anything like that before! Before T1 he was too young and too sick and since T1 I’ve never cut the cord enough..
He’s never been in a car with someone else except my dad.
I just don’t like it..
But I knew I wanted to let him have more freedom and independence.
He’s ready, so I knew I needed to push myself for him.
‘Rip off the bandaid’..
I trust Carter, he’s earned that trust.
This hasn’t happened overnight, he’s had more and more responsibility with his Diabetes and taking care of himself recently, more so with school and he does a bloody good job!
He manages himself well and his Dexcom shows that, plus having the share facility allows me to follow him and check in on him whenever I want – I like that reassurance.
I need that reassurance!
Maybe I wouldn’t be as confident letting him go without it? But, we do have it so that’s ok!
Plus, I feel safer him being at Novacity than at school, because I trust his instructor..
He’s not just another task to him, he’s a friend and he listens to me and I love that..
I don’t trust anyone with Carter. Myself, greg, morgan and my dad, that’s it..
But I trust this guy, he genuinely cares about Carters well-being and the Team at NovaCity are fab..
So, I let him go..
And off he went!
He rang me when he got there and had tested, he was fine, he ate a snack and went to play..
His dexcom is transmitting to me, his instructor has messaged me a few times and Carter just text me to say that he’s bitten his finger (me too funnily enough – it’s bleeding – we need to stop)..
Greg and I called at Costa on our way home from Nova and had a cheers to a little snippet of Freedom and mostly to me, for allowing Carter his independence and not panicking and calling it off..
He’s fine, happy, safe and healthy..
He’s actually doing a better job at managing his blood sugars than I did this morning – it figures!!
Have Fun Baby Boy!!
I love you and I’m so proud of you! ❤️


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