Birthday Steak & Poke Cake

Today was G’s birthday..
Yes he had birthday cake and yes it was chocolate..

Boston Cream Poke Cake from Carolyn’s Page: All Day I Dream About Food.. LC GF and YUMMY!

I’ve made it before (this time last year lol).

The slices we had tonight were huge compared to the size I will cut it into.

I will make almost 30 little squares from this cake and that means that our T1 won’t need to take insulin for such a small amount, but he will enjoy a little treat in his lunchbox.
He doesn’t need a treat but the kids at school have them daily whilst he has nothing, so for inclusion reasons, I put him something in his lunchbox every so often and it works fine for us.. One thing that amazes me about Carter is that he never asks and he never complains but he always enjoys what he gets..

It seems like we bake a lot from my posts lately, don’t worry, we don’t, our birthdays just all fall so close together.

The next round of baking I do will be July for my sons 16th (I’m looking forward to the break) and then following that will be Halloween and then the Christmas Holidays…

We still have 1/2 of Carters Lemon Cream Layered birthday cake in the freezer too for a rainy day and 1/2 of the remaining ice cream pots I made when Carter had his fever.. AND 1/2 a batch of the muffins I made for Easter.

I do not need to bake again for a long time. (YAY)!!

And, thanks to finding the LO DOUGH wraps and learning that they make awesome pizza bases, I don’t even have to worry over batching a load of FatHead dough either!!

God Bless Low Carb and Hacking our food!!

Carters blood sugars remained stable as we ate his Dads favourite meal for his birthday:

Salad and Steak.. Plus the chocolate cake went down well too, no additional insulin needed.

We bolused him at 4.3mmol with 5u Actrapid at 6pm and we ate at 6.25pm. Carter injected an additional 2u Actrapid at 10.30 with his 1u Tresiba for bed and he’s sat steady at 4.4mmol as he sleeps..

Carter took additional insulin tonight as steak causes him to rise at 4-5hrs post meal and possibly again at 8hours which means we will watch for this in the night.

I have successfully covered this with Levemir in the past as Levemir works for around 8hours and fits the profile of steak perfectly if given with the meal BUT we lost Levemir off his prescription when we switched to Tresiba as the GP wouldn’t allow 2 basal insulin’s on his prescription and due to the benefits I found with Tresiba; having that far outweighed the small issue of loosing Levemir just for steak, so I stuck with Tresiba and took the hit.

I have tried to cover the steak rise with Tresiba in the past but the 2nd rise is unpredictable and doesn’t always happen which can cause hypo’s in the night and I don’t like or want that risk. SO, I use Actrapid to battle the rise away; if and when it happens and set an extra alarm in the night to check for it before it happens and catches me out..

This is not something you are taught by any medical professional. It’s just not on their remit to micro manage this way. They would keep them higher than we do at night anyway (9-13mmol – wow!).. Respectfully; they wouldn’t have a clue and when we have tried to explain to them what we do and why, it concerns and confuses them because they just don’t understand. They don’t understand because they don’t live with diabetes like we do and they don’t see the things it experience the 24/7 daily living with the disease management like we do. They literally go from what they are taught by the pharmaceutical companies who do the training for the use and administration of their products. I know this because I am also a medical professional and have had training by Abbot and Lilly in the past..

What we do works and it’s why we do why we do.

It is learned from managing diabetes every day: from monitoring, documenting and reviewing data to do better, to achieve normal blood sugars to avoid any risk to health and long term wellness and to deflect complications of diabetes that aren’t actually diabetic complications but simply a complication or hyperglycaemia. Diabetes is not a progressive illness as you would read, we told and led to believe, it’s the high blood sugars that causes the complications and this can be avoided by maintaining ‘normal’ blood sugars as per Dr Bernstein’s Book ‘Diabetes Solution’..

It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

If I left Carter to sleep and trusted the Dexcom on nights like tonight, by the time it alarmed at 6.7mmol (which is the lowest high you can set on the Dexcom) as he started to rise, I can guarantee he would be far higher than that on a finger prick because the Dexcom runs 10mins behind and the rise from steak is fast and hard. So, it’s not worth it to sleep and hope he will be ok, because it might not be and we set an alarm and check because the aim is normal blood sugars and if he does rise it causes him to be IR for hours, possibly all the next day and then he’s higher and requires more insulin and that’s no good for anyone..

A simple meal, a LC simple meal, still needs planning and work but that v’s say a KFC or a Chinese takeaway (something we would have previously eaten as a birthday meal), is a whole world apart in terms of blood sugars and insulin management and long term health..

It’s why we do what we do!!

Happy Birthday Baby 💙🎂🥩🥗🎁 🎉🎈💙


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