1st Parkour Injury

Carter absolutely LOVES the time he spends training at Nova City. He loves everything about it.
There’s absolutely nowhere else in the world he’d rather be..

BUT he got injured last week as he hit his foot on a hard surface coming down from a trick.
So, when your little dude decides his injured foot is too painful to train today or to even practice at home, you know it’s time for a quick X-ray!!
Carter injured his foot at Nova on Thursday by whacking his bare heel on the corner of the hard area as he was landing onto the soft mat and has been in pain walking and putting his foot flat to the floor since.
I’m convinced it’s bruised and sprained. He says it’s electric when he puts it flat to the floor and weight bearing hurts into the ankle and he cannot weight bare on the heel.
I checked it and soaked it. 

We’ve used magnesium spray and tiger balm for the bruising and tissue, ice for the swelling and cannabis oil for the pain but it’s still slightly swollen and bruised; which since Thursday night, makes me sure it’s more tissue than bone damage but as he’s still hopping around and alarms bells ring when he simply says no to his favourite class of the week; and as I’m well aware that I do not have X-ray vision, I think maybe we should go and get it checked just to be safe. 


Carter hates hospitals and hasn’t been since his admission at T1 Diagnosis, his life long mission is to not require medical interventions – ever.
But, when you insist on living a life that includes the insane and trickery world of parkour – it’s pretty inevitable I reckon?!!
Blood sugars have remained steady and stable throughout and we have avoided paracetamol and conventional medication because
A) Carter hates taking meds. His reasoning (aged 10) is that he takes enough medication as it is (that his life depends on) and he lives and eats healthy enough so that he can avoid being further customer to the pharmaceutical world and therefore, in his insanely brave and strong state of mind, he will push through pain as much as possible. He is strong!
And very brave!!
He had 1 paracetamol initially on Thursday when he got home as he was in much pain but he felt little relief from that and as ‘Magic Moms’ alternative holistic therapies made him feel pampered and relaxed, he has refused any OTC meds since and
B ) paracetamol are a wonderful drug for reducing temperatures and fevers but with minimal pain relief proven in clinical trials, so, they’re pretty pointless anyway..
So, we take time out, get it checked out and eat plenty of fresh, nutritional, protein led foods to allow the muscle and bone the exact recipe it needs to grow and repair.. ❤️
But we will get it X-rayed too, just to be sure..
Man Down! My brave little warrior..
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UPDATE: Carter had hit foot checked and he had bruised his tendons, he was strapped up and rested with ice and light activity for a week and it seemed to heal 🙂


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