Manchester PHC Conference 2017

Off the back of releasing Carters Video online (facebook, twitter etc). I was invited to the Public Health Collaboration Conference this past Sunday in Manchester. I was amazed that anyone watched it let alone at this level and it was an honour to give consent for it to be shown to these medical professionals for such a great cause too. I was very proud of my boy! He wants change, he deserves change and he’s doing his bit to make change!

The Dr who invited me; Ian Lake, I have liaised with regarding our lifestyle. He is a Type 1 Diabetic himself and I found his speech from the previous years’ conference inspiring so I made contact and we have chatted since.


Whilst UK Doctors are unable to go against DOH protocol’s and promote / recommend a Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle as per Dr Bernstein, they are allowed to provide information. This alone is all kinds of wrong because they know there are better ways but are bound by legislation and public health laws, although we welcome their knowledge and information because ultimately it’s nice to know there are people like them out there and eventually (we hope) this will lead to change that we so desperately need.

Enter Public Health Collaboration. A team of highly specialised Dr’s and Health Professionals from all corners of the UK, some from further afield, all part of the collaboration to make change. It is very powerful and inspiring stuff.

Dr Ian Lake’s speech from 2016 is here, you can see for yourself why I was inspired by him. As a T1 himself he is the perfect advocate for all our T1’s:

I was invited to the Conference because as part of his speech for this year, Dr Lake requested he use Carter’s video to really get his message across. That message being: patients (the public) should / are entitled to be informed that they have OPTIONS. That the current recommendations for newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetics are NOT the healthiest and best option to sustain health and longevity. Whilst we are not demanding everyone be made to follow a low carbohydrate diet, we are saying that those of us who choose to, should not be made to feel ‘naughty’ become unsupported and have to go head-to-head against the medical professionals and that people have a right to know at diagnosis!

And that actually, evidence supports the fact that the recommended DOH diet is damaging to Type 1Diabetics and indeed a causative factor in development of Type 2 Diabetes by causing insulin resistance and obesity. Dangerous! Wrong!

Now, not everyone has it in them to go against medical advice (which is normal), it isn’t expected that you would, especially in such a paternal environment as our NHS. I would never have gone against our team, I imprinted on them heavily in the early days and it was only when I found a better way (Bernstein) after struggling with Carter’s weight gain, rollercoaster blood sugars and knowing about the severity of hyperglycaemia in the long term (because of my mum) and finding this both frightening and 100% unacceptable for my boy’s fate; did I stand up to them and question.

The NHS is not designed for question and contradictions. The same people who (in our case) saved my son’s life at diagnosis are held in such high regard and the patient doctor relationship based off of that. We aren’t naturally designed to question and go against these people. We (quite rightly) put on pedestals and hold them with such high views, but then we learn about nutrition and sugar, carbohydrates and how to correctly manage Type 1 Diabetes to maintain normal non-diabetic blood sugars for the sake of health and sustaining life and it automatically does just that – it pits us against the same professionals that we hold so dear, it creates barriers and negative relationships which are uneasy and very easily preventable – if only protocol was changed.

We aren’t asking for much, just for people to be made aware that they have options, that there is another way should they choose and that this way is better, not easier (actually this is debatable too – I think it is, it certainly is in terms of diabetes management that’s for sure), but better and the support is available to them should they wish. That’s all we want. The evidence is available to prove that we are right and that hyperglycaemia is responsible for so many unnecessary deaths, amputations, cardiovascular disease, renal failure, retinopathy, alzheimer’s and so on. People / Parents have a right to know there is another way – for the sake of them / their children’s lives. We Deserve That – For Them!

So, I was all kinds of excited to be invited and I went along.. My kids Vlogged our day, they came too, Carter wanted to meet Dr Lake and as it was Fathers Day, Greg took them out round Manchester for the day – they had a fab time! The vlog is here:

The conference was awesome, I met some other Type 1 moms who were also following Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions and some new mums who were wanting to, but afraid to go up against the oppression they had experienced from their medical teams when they’d mentioned it. It was nice to chat to them and learn about different family perspectives and experiences and make new friends – yay! ❤

I also met some lovely GP’s who are working very hard as a network to promote change and are very keen to support our cause. We need this change, our kids are the ones who will suffer without it! Diabetics all through the country have a right to know that they have other options!

One GP advised me that he had used Carter’s video in practice to help an older T1 patient who was disheartened, struggling and lost. Whilst he couldn’t offer advice, he could give knowledge and information and therefore shared Carter’s video. The patient left feeling hopeful. The ONLY concern from that is, if you google Low Carb diets for T1 Diabetics, there’s an equal amount (if not more) of negativity to be found also and there’s a good chance people see this (from very passionate sugar addicts and of course the very biased DOH guidelines) and become quickly swayed so their journey to LC has ended before it even began. As there are no official ways in which Dr’s can overcome this right now, WE are that support network! Websites and Facebook groups such as Typeonegrit and Low Carb Tye1 Diabetics UK are the only way people will find the support their need. We are their lifeline right now. Peer-focused, peer-driven support from online communities. We have to step-up!

Now, I am very passionate about social media, without it I wouldn’t have found Dr Bernstein for Carter, BUT, not everyone may feed as comfortable taking medical advice (that totally contradicts their dr’s and specialists) from unqualified strangers behind a computer screen. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yep – WE NEED A CHANGE!! But until we get that change, we all have our parts to play…

Luckily people do take a leap of faith, they find Dr Bernstein’s book, find our groups and after a few days of switching their diet and lifestyle their results speak for themselves. But, it shouldn’t be that way. People shouldn’t have to find us by chance, or parents worried sick, desperately googling for options in the midnight hour; facing yet again another sleepless night from poorly controlled blood sugars whilst their child gets sicker and faces a lifetime of complications. It Is Not FAIR! What’s worse is that some people never find us and succumb to complications without ever knowing they had a different option. Very sad! Unacceptable! We Need Change!

At the conference the Diet Doctor gave a wonderful speech about the insane increase in obesity and subsequent illness from the obesity epidemic. He also talked about bias and I learnt a lot from him. I didn’t realise just how easily medical research studies could be (and are) bias when publishing results and even omit very important data simply to avoid shaming or pointing the blame to the real problem – sugar – diet – lifestyle! And we continue on, taking the advice (that is so obviously wrong) from these people.

The big Pharma companies run the world. For diabetics it is pretty plain how it works ‘feed them carbs and sugar so they will need to take our insulin’ there’s big business in ill-health. It’s not cost effective to teach people how to no longer need medication, when producing and promoting medications is your profit. It was eye opening!

The nutritional doctor for the Australian Cricket Club was also there speaking. He is now the head nutritionist doctor for Liverpool Football Club (my son is a huge LFC fan – he loved that). We knew Jurgen Klopp is a strict low carbohydrate advocate but now learnt that so is the team, and they are perfectly healthy and strong with fab performance. I have no idea just how many carbohydrates they consume but I can hazard a guess that it is not the recommended intake set by the Department of Health!

I won’t write out everything that was said because I will be here all day and you will be bored. I did photograph some important slides so I will include and story board them.

I also wanted to mention that the 23andme testing was promoted during a speech about preserving life and looking for route causes for auto-immune health issues and preventing further domino illness. I have considered this, it isn’t cheap and maybe one-day if I ever have enough money, I would do this because I am very interested in mapping my kids.

The GUT was mentioned A LOT. Gut health is essential, alongside REST, Meditation, Diet (of course) and EXERCISE! Exercise is so important. Especially for Diabetics (T1 and T2’s)!

I met a Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed later in life (LADA) who when initially put on insulin and the recommended eating plan had gained 4st! He learnt about low carb, Dr Bernstein and implemented change. He exercised and thanks to a healthy honeymoon from finding low carb early enough and being strict enough with his carbohydrate intake, he shed his excess weight, came off ALL insulin (including long lasting basal insulin) and he is STILL off all insulin! I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t meet him in person! Amazing. (with his permission) You can follow him on twitter: @spugspug

Speaking of Twitter, the PHC official tag was #PHCManc17 if you type this into twitter all the discussions will show and you can see what people were discussing, photo’s, interviews, comments and feeback. You can also make contact with other people should you wish.’s managing director was present and very interested in the concept of Low Carb for Type 1 Diabetics. The website has a very successful programme for Type 2 Diabetics that involves a low carbohydrate diets but is not allowed to promote it for T1’s and removes all evidence of posts that people (me) share on their facebook pages. BUT, it was nice to see a shift in the tide. They also requested to join our UK T1 group and will be silent members as some of the GP’s in attendance at the event have too. I find that hopeful and humbling that we are at the forefront of this shift in the tide. Examples if you like – I hope we can step up to the bar! We are the ones who will help the drivers with this change – we will benefit from this (our kids) and we owe them that! I welcome all doctors and medical professionals to join our group and see how we live, if it will help in any way to get the changes we need then it can only be a good thing. However, current practice promotes only criticism and discouragement and we have a lot of worries and concerns on our group where we have to support each other. From bad experiences at the endocrinology appointments or where we fight for new insulins or even just some hand holding – we get none, because we are different and different in the NHS is not welcomed. It needs to change! We are ready for change – our kids deserve the change – hear us ROAR!

Low Carb live streamed the whole conference and the video’s were viewed LIVE by over 60,000 people. I have tried to include them all here so you get to watch the full 2 days:

Dr Joanne McCormack talks a lot about children’s health and obesity rates, how she implements LC lifestyles and is very knowledgeable and helpful.

This talk by Dr Tamsin Lewis was the one I was on about regarding the genetic testing, her talk was incredible, way over my head in parts too. I didn’t know it was possible to go so deep into figuring out the body at such levels and exactly just how food makes us what we are.
The whole thing is worth watching:

I think my T1 friends will be very interested in the talks from all of these people that I saw, especially: Dr Aseem Malhotra, Andreas Eendfeldt, Dr Ian Lake, Kesar Sadhra and Gerber&Cummins.

You will find Dr Ian Lakes talk (that features carters video as part of his talk) on this next link. He runs from 1hr to 1.30hrs ish but he follows Andreas (The Diet Doctor) which was an amazing speech! I’d watch it all if you can…


Here are some of the photo’s I took of important (I thought so, although it was ALL important) information:

  1. Ants have more sense than our own DOH?
  2. The causes of ill health (diet being the biggest causative factor)
  3. Longevity biomarkers
  4. Inflammation and how damaging it is to the body
  5. Strategies for health
  6. Diet Doctors new health research
  7. A guy in Sweden having to smuggle butter in (reprimanded)!
  8. Double Diabetes (relating to insulin resistance and poor diet for T1’s)

I was also interviewed before I left and talked freely about Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions and how his insulin management, diet and lifestyle has saved my sons life, how better guidance and support from our healthcare teams will really help and how we are desperate for change – we will not wait and not supporting us won’t stop us, only drive a bigger wedge between patient and professional. We know we are right – Hear us ROAR!

The PHC continue their plight and I think we should all do our bit to support them. I have been contacted by a few people who were present that wish to chat and keep in touch and get feedback on projects that they are heading. I cannot wait and am really excited for what comes next…

It was an honour and a privilege to be present amongst these people. I was almost the front for all our UK T1 LC Moms and that was a HUGE thing. There are so many of you who I respect and learn from, lean on and love. It was an honour to be there to represent you all and I am very grateful to you guys for empowering me to go and to them for welcoming me so warmly/ AND I look forward to going next year too – with more T1 Mommas. WE are the ones who will drive this from the floor up, the professionals are driving it from the inside out. We NEED them and they NEED us! We all have our own part to play.

Check out the PHC website and lets arrange in advance our seats for the next conference and maybe get our heads together as to what more we can do to help these incredible pioneers get the change that is needed – for us and our kids and ALL T1 Diabetics!

Hear us ROAR!!

Rose ❤


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