Carters Story (video)

As discussed in my Diabetes Awareness Week blog. We made a short video for Carter to help raise awareness about both Diabetes and Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions Methods.

The video clip was shared on our Typeonegrit page and received over 14,000 views in 24 hours – WOW!

The purpose of the video was to help other people find their way to a healthier, safer life with better blood sugar control to both improve their health and their longevity.

Diabetes Awareness Week was the perfect platform to launch it..

I hope that it is successful and finds it’s way to people who it will help.. If just 1 person finds their way to a safer life, or 1 parent ditches the carbs and keeps their child free from diabetic complications because they watched Carter’s video then WOW – HURRAH! It did what it was intended and that’s good enough for me.

For my boy – he wants to shout from the rooftops just how Dr Bernstein changed his life, he’s never met the guy and he adores him 🙂 He really did change our lives and we will be forever grateful!

Here’s the video:

I will always leave it here so you can get a quick link to it for sharing with people and helping them too, to find a better future; free from the hell that diabetes can cause…

Thank you for helping us to help others, please continue to share Carter’s Story. By sharing it, you too could save someone’s life. Hand a child back their future, free a parent from a life-long fear. Just sharing is powerful and that is very important!

Thank You!

Rose ❤


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