We’ve established my Low Carb Baking skills to be pretty poor. I am fully aware of my uselessness and I can accept that. It’s OK!

But, I can’t do OK this time…. There is no alternative for us you see. We can’t just pop down the Bakers and grab a Vanilla Slice or weekly shop at Tesco and buy cookies or buns, cereal, snacks or a cake etc.. In fact, we buy very little from the supermarkets these days. We could survive (and do) on shopping solely at a grocers and butchers. Other than some dairy products, pop, tinned ham, hot dogs and maybe some sugar free chocolate, nuts and cleaning products etc. we don’t shop at the super markets much at all. Our new style is rather old fashioned? I’ve always thought I was born into the wrong generation (lol), maybe I was?… Plus, the supermarkets depress me, I look at them completely differently now, I find it frustrating that all the pretty packets designed to suck people into the sugared life, destined for ill-health just sit there on offer whilst decent, healthy food is double the price!!! I find it repulsive; aisles upon aisles of packet food – it’s just depressing – shit!

It’s edible shit! 🙂

We no longer have a cupboard of biscuits, crackers, snacks, tins or my huge bowl full of fresh fruit etc. Our shopping list is simple and small and what we can’t source at the store, we turn to Amazon/specialised online stores for bulk orders. It’s even a challenge to buy milk these days; cashew milk only being available at larger supermarkets, but, luckily I buy in bulk online and it’s cheaper too. Same as Nuts, Nut-flours and sweetening products such as Swerve and Xylitol.

My point is, our food and diet is simple and basic – good whole fresh foods. (It wasn’t always that way, but we learnt)…

No sugars, starches, wheat, gluten, grains or fruit. Instead, we eat fibrous veggies (for the phytonutrients only they can provide), we eat proteins, and saturated, healthy fats. We evolved from meat eaters, we did not evolve from carbohydrate and sugar eaters. The foods we eat now keep us stronger, healthy and maintain normal blood sugars; which contrary to what we’ve been preached to for the past 30 years – the health professionals are recently starting to get on board with more and more as studies are exposing the LIE’s from the sugar loaded companies like PEPSI and CocaCola – so wrong. The TRUTH is: even to a Non-Diabetic – HIGHER Blood Sugars are damaging.

We are a society of increasing poor-health. With unmanageable – increasing rates of obesity, coronary health conditions, coeliac disease and dementia. Type 2 Diabetes and many other diet-related illness crippling the NHS due to the demand on resources with these chronic – preventable conditions growing in prevalence by the second.

WHY would we put ourselves up against that when we are already at a disadvantage with genetically rampant auto-immune diseases in my blood-line AND Carters Type 1 Diabetes? (totally NOT related to diet in any way).. Answer? We wouldn’t – so – we don’t! Simple 🙂

BUT, that also means that if I don’t create treats, we don’t get them. OK, we could buy Pundits and just eat chocolate – expensive and repetitive it might be, but yummy and healthier than sugar loaded alternatives too.. BUT, there’s no cakes or biscuits I’ve found that are suitable and within a low enough carbohydrate content to be safe for us to eat. Therefore, I bake. I am shit at it, but I do it – to create treats – for them because I believe they deserve a treat every now and then. They sacrifice enough for the sake of their health. They are 100% committed and determined and I admire that, especially from young boys – kids who go totally against the grain, completely different to each an every other kid in school who eats bowls of chips with ketchup for lunch or pizza and chocolate on their days-out. I get it, it’s nothing different to than what we were doing a year ago. But, now we know the truth, and we found a better – healthier way. Even my husband who dearly misses crisps and kit-kats sacrifices his digestives and packet pasta now, subs it with meats, cheeses and home-baked treats..

So, I bake – for them. I don’t bake ALL the time, I try and make 1 item a week, usually something that can be broken down into smaller amounts and eaten over a few days so they aren’t gorging and smaller amounts are better for Carter’s blood sugars. Plus – it goes further and lasts longer. Winner!

This week alongside my usual Cyril (cereal), I baked Sheet Cookies and a Lemon Drizzle Cake Bars.


I adapted Carolyn’s Peanut Granola recipe (I will include in a separate post and type out my adaptations) – we prefer my recipe BUT Carolyn’s method and original recipe is what made that possible – she deserves the full credit.

I make this Cyril (cereal) weekly now – they love it and it’s healthy.

The Lemon Drizzle Cake Bars I was unfamiliar with so I followed it to the letter. However, I did have a full lemon left over so I added the zest to the topping and Oh My GOODNESS was it worth it?!! The crunchy sweet, tangy crispness of the drizzle topping puts ANYTHING Mrs Berry could ever dream of creating to shame! It is Ahmazing!!!!


In replacement of Almond Flour I am currently trialling Chestnut Flour. It is cheaper and lower carb than other Nut Flours. In the past I have used Peanut Flour to great success but I wanted to try Chestnut Flour because not only is it beneficial to my purse being 1/2 the price, it’s recommended for cakes and buns because it is naturally sweeter. What it also is, is darker in colour, so my cake looks duller than the original recipe. BUT OH MY CAKE is it amazing or what?!! I can’t tell you just how much. My Boy’s cant tell you just how much (although judging by how much they scoffed down and were begging for more; it will give you some idea) . I guess you’ll just have to make it for yourself and see. You will be glad you did.

I cut it into smaller pieces, the original method suggests cutting it into 10 pieces at 3.7g carbs per serving but I cut mine into 32 smaller squares making each pieces at <2g per square.

I also think my squares are thinner as I used a larger tray than suggested BUT that’s ok, it was a new tray and I wanted to use it 🙂


It really is yummy. A girl at University brought in some Lemon Drizzle Cake she made (she had a baking rush when Bake-Off was on TV, we didn’t complain – the cake was welcomed), anyway it was absolutely gorgeous this Lemon Cake, we gobbled it down. The sugared topping was to die for. I’ve often thought about it and especially since changing to Low Carb, I didn’t think we’d ever eat anything like that again.


Well, this is exactly that GOOD. But it’s Low Carb and SUGAR Free (except for the miniscule amount from the Lemons). It really is very nice..

In addition to the Lemon Cake Bars I made some Cookie Dough up. I didn’t use my standard go-to recipe, I found a different one and fancied trying it out. I don’t know why I didn’t stick to what I always did. My only excuse is that I am a marketers dream and the picture the author used to display her recipe on Pinterest appealed to me – I also liked the idea of ‘chewy’ cookies and decided it was worth  shot…

I have previously made the JUMBO Cookie in a cake tin and that went down well. I enjoyed it too, so much easier and quicker than rolling out separate cookies and only being able to bake 12 at a time. Just stick all the dough in 1 tin and chuck it in the oven – winner!


I liked the simplicity of the Jumbo Cookie recipe, so instead of rolling out individual cookies again I decided to chuck it all in a baking tray (actually I used 2 trays because it would have been too thick), I had to press it down by hand and squished it so it was nice and flat (cookie thin), and let them cook. I simply cut them the same as I cut the Lemon Cake Bars, nice little squares.


Carter shouldn’t need insulin for them, has never needed insulin for them before.. BUT…


I realised the ERROR in my ways. The recipe called for Coconut Sugar and I had bought it a) because it was recommended to me in a Diabetic Group (no idea why) and b) I needed brown sugar and I thought that was the only one I could get that wasn’t REAL sugar. What I didn’t know was that you can buy a brown Swerve Sweetener instead (carb free), Coconut Sugar isn’t great for Carters Blood Sugars (I found this out an hour after he ate a piece). In future I will buy some brown erythritol or Swerve and make it again. The recipe is yummy and it works well, it’s moist and soft and just like a cookie (to me) should be. But, no more Coconut Sugar. I don’t recommend using it – spiky blood sugars!

YUMMY though, unfortunately Carter will take a small amount of insulin when eating this – until the next batch where I will do better..

Next time, alongside switching Coconut Sugar for Swerve I will flatten the Cookie Dough out thinner (they were still thicker than expected even though I thought I’d given them a good squish – flat), AND I will possibly try it again (thicker like this time) and add in some Ginger. The way they have come out slightly resembles a Parkin – We LOVE Parkin, I could knock up some Custard from All Day I Dream About Food and that would be an epic treat.. Definitely one to add onto my ‘some-day’ list 🙂


So, that was that. My baking day: Cyril, Lemon Cake Bars (epic) and Sheet Cookies cut up into little chewy squares – YUM!!


I’m off for a bath, a cuppa and a piece of Lemon Cake 🙂

Let me know if you make any of them and have fun 🙂



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