I Love Crocheting. I have been crocheting for about 4-5 years now. I taught myself how to do it from watching YouTube videos (it’s a lot easier than you think).


I used MOOGLY BLOG, The Crochet Crowd and Attic 24.

I learnt during my recovery after my Thyroid removal and I haven’t got bored yet.

Over the years I have made many blankets for in the house, as gifts for people or for Dottie (our caravan). I have made decorations and scarves, gloves, leg warmers, hats, buntings and decorations for vases and frames and all sorts of badges, flowers and just stuff. It’s fun.

I don’t always have the time I’d like to crochet, I have a few projects on the go right now that I’ve been on with for a loooong time, but I can pick it up and put it down when I want and if I get bored, I start something else and pick it back up again when I’m ready.

I haven’t photographed everything I’ve made (which is a shame), I am going to try and log everything from now on and intend to start making some special baby blankets to sell at a small profit to raise funds for my sons Type 1 Medical Equipment.

Here’s a collection of the crochet projects I can find that I have made over the last 4 years:

You should definitely give crocheting a go. Contrary to popular belief; it’s not for the elderly. It’s actually quite hip and trendy now, I know so many people who have taken it up since I have been crocheting, it’s brilliant to see that it isn’t doomed to die off.

Give it a go, it’s really quite therapeutic and fun too.

Enjoy, Rose ❤ xx


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