A funny old week

It’s been a funny old week! The wind has been howling, the rain came and it was freeezing here! I don’t think we ever really got over the previous week. We had small moments of sunshine but it was deceitful, bright and shiny – cold. The winter sun sucks!

Morgan has been home from school with cold/flu virus, Carter had 2 days off school at the end of the week with the same thing. Even I started with an insane fire in my throat, scratchy, sore & painful coughs, then my vocal chords ran away screaming somewhere around Thursday and now I’m harboring some funky green flemmy-gunk in my lungs that really wants out and keeps escaping when I cough – yuk!

Greg’s back ‘crater’ remains painful and infected and all kinds of wrong. The District Nurse has been visiting daily and she was slightly more concerned this morning, however it is still a whole world improved than this time last week, so we live in hope that it is continuing to heal albeit slower than hoped.

5 weeks now, 4 rounds of antibiotics, a flesh eating, staph resistant infection and then surgery to cut it all away and wash it out. It’s been packed and flushed and disinfected so many times. I really hope we are getting somewhere now – for him. It’s been very painful for him too.

Check out the yuk:

Although feeling better and wanting to take his remote control Monster Truck outside to play (in-between the huge gusts of winds), Carter almost snapped his wrist by legging it out the gate to meet his friend whilst his hand was still attached to the gate – owch!

We’ve been tied to the house for Greg’s nurses to come clean, pack and dress his wounds and we’ve ate simple meals of meat, salad and veggies. We didn’t even have steak Saturday! Instead I found some Turkey mince on offer and made burgers – urgh! Never again (we all said whilst gobbling down our side salad and pushing the burger to one side – yuk)!!

We finally got round to watching Resident Evil, boys loved it, we played Monopoly, Xbox and of course had tons of cuddles with Lilly and Teddy’s kittens – all 6 of them. They’re adorable – a week old today and 2 of them are starting to open their eyes.

We are living in hope that Morgan’s fasting blood sugars will reduce but as yet he remains too high at fasting for me not to be concerned (5.6mmol). I have to ring the hospital tomorrow with his weekend results and they will arrange for further blood tests to check the markers in his blood. When initially tested (after Carters  T1 Diagnosis) Morgan showed antibodies but nothing to worry over. I have monitored him ever since. Since Christmas his numbers are no longer healthy and non-diabetic. He’s higher ALL the time, his fasting numbers are representative of a high carbohydrate diet in a pre-diabetic which is pretty worrying. Keep your fingers crossed for Morgan please ❤

I watched episode 1 of the new season of The Originals and thought it was incredible! Am very excited for the season now!!! I have episode 2 to watch – need to find some time. Oh I hope they go get Klaus back J

I also watched the latest episode of Greys and wonder if it’s slowly dying now? Isn’t 13 years enough? I can’t see where they go from here and if April and Avery don’t sort their shit out soon. I’m going to lose my mind!!

I sit in anticipation of The Walking Dead tomorrow, now Carol is back in play it’s gonna be epic! FIGHT!

And that’s the end of my TV time, I need to find a new series to grab my interest – any recommendations???? I’ve tried a few, never got into them. Let me know what I’m missing…

Oh, we had homemade cereal this weekend too, there’s enough left for breakfast in the morning but I must remember to make more tomorrow because ‘it’s that good’… The boys requested me try and find a LC wafer recipe, I’ve no idea where to start BUT I will keep looking.

Also I was saddened to learn that Carter doesn’t think the Easter Bunny will visit our house anymore… Of course we weren’t home last year but the E.B came to visit him in hospital (he was unconscious so doesn’t remember), but now we no longer celebrate Easter, he worries he won’t come. I said I’m pretty sure he would come if he believes – like with Santa – you have to keep the magic alive! I do intend for us to disappear for Easter though, we will no longer plan or decorate or look forward to the holiday; each year we do and each year something tragic happens – last year, almost loosing Carter was the final straw!! So, we’re gonna head out somewhere, get a steak and salad in a pub or take a picnic if it’s nice and just let the holiday run its course. Unfortunately, by then I will be back on 48hr a week shift rotations (I literally hate being a student nurse right now) so we won’t be able to do what my initial plan was; which is to take our caravan away and spend it in hiding in a field far away from society and worries and just relax, repair and rejuvenate our souls.. BUT, I’m no longer making plans remember? So, we’ll do whatever happens, when the time comes… One thing is for sure: never again will I ever look forward to the day, no eggs or chocolates or kids sugared up to their eyeballs.. I almost lost my boy to all that jazz last year and to know that it is deemed acceptable and recommended (in moderation) for even our precious T1 kids; who have severe issues with metabolising sugar (as in they just CANT do it), well, that just makes me all kinds of insane!!

We’ll maybe make some of these cool eggs here (if I pull my finger out and go by some egg molds): http://www.sugarfreemom.com/…/sugar-free-chocolate-p127eanut-…/

And then we’ll disappear and let the world have their day, and we’ll have ours and then when it’s over, we’ll breathe a sigh of relief that we got through it, together, healthy and happy!

And in a world like this, like we’ve experienced these last 12 months.. That’s all a Momma hanging round the house all weekend in her pyjamas and 2 day old make-up – can ever really hope for anyway.. ❤

So, we keep moving forward. Monday brings a whole new week, 5 days of school, activities, meal planning, decorating, housework, actual work, a 3000 word assignment I need to get submitted and 48hrs of nursing placement to complete. Oh yeah! Fun Baby!

AND, all I really want to do is stay home and sleep and keep my boys safe and healthy. Diabetes is screwing with my mind tonight. I am tired – exhausted and worried.

I’m still fundraising for Carter ‘CartersDex’ – to help fund his Dexcom moving forward so that won’t become yet another point to worry over. I appreciate all help of donations and shares.

Please, click the link and help if you can: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cartersdex

Look for the Rainbows, Be Happy!

Rose ❤ xx


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