World Book Day 2017

It was World Book Day 2017 the week before last. Have you heard of it?

Over the last decade, this new craze has swept the country, become a day of fundraising, dressing up and all kinds of book-related fun. It’s pretty cool.

If you type ‘world book day’ and search images – seriously – you’ll enter a whole new world. It’s pretty fun!!


Back when I was opened up to the concept of World Book Day, Morgan was in the Junior School. He came home with a letter saying he had to ‘dress-up’ as one of his favourite characters from a book. It could be anything as long as it was from a book.

It was Friday, World Book Day was the following week – nice notice!

He immediately decided he wanted to be Danny from Roald Dahls Danny the Champion of the World’. But as Carter was a baby in arms, I was a little busy to be searching round at short notice to find a waist coat and flat cap. So, he had to pick something else.. He thought and thought and couldn’t think of anything.

Time passed…

The night before the World Book Day, Morgan still hadn’t decided what he was going to be and I remember saying to him half joking (we were throwing ideas at him and he was dismissing every single one) ‘if you don’t hurry up and think of something I am going to tie some pots and pans to you and send you as the Saucepan Man from The Faraway Tree Books’

The Magic Faraway Tree Books are one of our family favourites, we have read them over and over and we still have my original copies that my Mom and Dad read to me as a child. Totally love them!

Anyway, he couldn’t think of anything and he thought I was joking so he’d decided he was going to just go to school in his normal uniform (great enthusiasm and imagination my boy – lol). I had other plans…

So, I stuck to my word and I went into the garage for our camping pots and pans…

Morgan still thought I was joking…

‘hey Morgan, come here’.. I tied the pots and pans to him – well. Talk about LAUGH!!!! His face whilst Greg and I set about Laughing 🙂 there was absolutely NO WAY he was getting out of this one. Not only was it bloody hilarious – he looked ace!

Original, Creative, A Book Character – Funny 🙂 WINNER!


So, much to his dismay. I dressed him up and sent him to school as The Saucepan Man 🙂 Pahahahaha!!!

He clinked and clanked his way down the hill and into the school yard. It was hilarious! Every time he walked the kettle on his back smacked him on the ass 🙂 Me and my friend followed him down to school and how our Pelvic Floor didn’t collapse with all the laughter is beyond me (thanks’ PF for not failing me)..

He claimed they were heavy (he was only a slight little thing back then) and he might take them off. But when people started noticing him and complementing him he soon changed his mind. EVERYONE loved it – he was the star turn that year.. I couldn’t help but laugh every time I looked at him. I think I giggled all the way home – as did half the mums and kids who’d clocked him that morning – you couldn’t miss him to be fair – you heard him well before you saw him 🙂 Pahahahahaha!!!!!

He WON though! I didn’t realise there was a competition! There was – and he won! WINNER!!!

When I collected him that afternoon he came ‘clunking and clattering’ out of school with a giant Easter Bunny teddy and a big Fluffy Duck 🙂 Oh and a School Bookmark – he was well happy!!

He had a HUGE Smile on his face bouncing his way up the playground to me (clinking and clattering as he went) 🙂 His only negative point was that he had to take the pan off his head to eat his dinner because it fell on the floor whilst he was in the queue and it made the dinner lady jump so she shouted at him 🙂 pahahha!!!!

He was certainly a sight walking home that day; ‘clinking and clattering’ with a pan on his head, a kettle whacking him on the ass and this great giant bunny and duck in his arms. How he could see where he was going was beyond me. He was a sight!!

So, it became tradition that we would always make our outfits for World Book Day from then on. Don’t get me wrong, you can go to Asda and buy outfits – it’s easier and I’m not a person who has a lot of free-time and I’m far from talented and creative enough. But, I’ll give anything a go once…And, it was fun…

BUT. The school started dictating what could and couldn’t be worn. Then a lot of the fun died… It’s such a shame when things happen like that. Who decides that? Is it actually the school or is it the Local Authority being assholes?

Either way: No face paints, No flowing or loose material. No this and No that.. It wasn’t easy… THEN they decided it wasn’t your favourite character anymore, it was characters from a particular book or movie.. (yawn)..

Morgan didn’t take part in the event for his final year I can’t remember why but it was probably because he had to be something impossible and I didn’t have time to do it (he’s good at giving me letters for things THE NIGHT BEFORE).

Then, Carter goes into school, his first World Book Day the school decided they all had to dress up as characters from Peter Pan.

Initially I was going to dress him up and paint his face like a dog and send him as Nana. BUT, then I remembered – no face paints. Plus, because he’s a lad and all his mates were doing the same. He wanted to be Captain HOOK! Well, there was no way I was that good at making outfits. I tried to convince him to be Nana, his Dad tried many, many times to convince him to be the Crocodile but no. He just had to be Captain HOOK.

So, I ordered him an outfit off Ebay. I swear EBAY must have totally sold out of Captain HOOK outfits that week – every boy in the school was Captain HOOK.


He looked great though but I couldn’t help feel a bit sad that it was so structured and there were a million other Tinkerbell’s and HOOK’s. Something different would have been pretty fun.. Plus, he lost his eyepatch and his hook and I know he didn’t bring the same sword home that he went with. It must have been a nightmare trying to find who’s was who’s gear that day.. I gave it up as a bad job and we sacrificed the eyepatch 🙂

There was also no competition that year – or hasn’t been since.. Oh Well..

So, the following year Carter decided he wanted to be a Ninja. Well actually, that’s a lie. He wanted to be ‘The Nicklenackle Tree’ but I convinced him otherwise (how the hell do I turn him into a tree)? 🙂

He loves the book ‘The little Ninja’ so I made him a Ninja outfit instead. He looked fab 🙂


No competition this year either…

Morgan is way past dressing up by this point. In fact, now he’s at the Comprehensive School they don’t even take part in World Book Day anymore. I find that boring and a little bit crap if I’m honest. Even the supermarkets and local business’ have jumped on board with this fun-day and a lot of money has been raised for various charities. But Morgan’s Comprehensive school is a bit shitty – its more like a business than a school these days so they don’t do anything fun and still demand money for charity just for the sake of it… Nice People!!

BUT. Carters school went back to their ‘original’ be any character you want as long as it’s from a book ways… I loved that..

Carter decided this year he wanted to be MESSI. He got a new Barcelona Football kit for Christmas and has been dying to wear it for school. They don’t get chance because of the school uniform so he thought it was a perfect opportunity. I spent hours arguing with him that MESSI is a footballer NOT a Book Character but he was insistent that MESSI has a book (his autobiography) and we were going round and round in circles. He’s so determined and adamant when his mind’s set on something – argh!! It’s like arguing with myself – no talking that kid round let me tell ya!!

I wanted him to go as Captain America, he wanted to go as Messi.

He missed last years World Book Day as he was in Hospital – very sick. His friends now think he’s a superhero, especially as he wears his Dexcom. He is literally Iron Man with his Dexcom transmitter reading his blood sugar levels (his friends are very good with him). So we decided we were going to keep hold of the superhero theme.

But, he didn’t want to be Iron Man or Captain America.

Spider-Man? NO






NO – School Uniform!!

He came back to us 8pm – Bedtime (the night before) and decided he did not want to go in his school uniform and did in fact want to be a superhero…  (the night before world book day – thanks lad!). My boys are so alike – they hate me 🙂

I’d given up by this point. It was 8pm – the night before! What was I going to do at this time?

Captain America or nothing (he’d just had a birthday and got some cool Cpt A under armour, it would be perfect to wear – and easy, considering time was ticking away).



Greg saved the day!! He really did. He totally came into his own and shot off to Tesco to track down a suitable t-shirt (they had none). He came home a little deflated and defeated so I had to step-up and help him keep his enthusiasm alive – he was doing so well.. He came up with an amazing outfit for him, he just set about turning him into his character and he did an awesome job. I did his hair and as he didn’t have a suitable T-Shirt (and poor G was clueless as to what to do or where to go at almost 10pm by this point). I had a brainwave (they don’t happen very often) and decided I would crochet one.. I started – it was too hard – I gave it up. 11pm.. What are we going to do??!!

2nd brainwave hit just in time. I had some fabric glue (leftover from when I made the lampshades)…  So, we printed a LOGO and I stuck it onto a blue T-Shirt – it looked perfect. I had to stick the heating on and have it on the radiator overnight constantly checking it to make sure the logo stuck without sticking the fabric to the radiator – fun!

He wore his brothers glasses (they were an old pair of fashion glasses before he had a prescription), and he nicked one of Morgan’s old school shirts too – they looked wicked – he looked wicked!

He was……..




He looked awesome!!!!

Check out that cute little curl 🙂 🙂

We had a practice run that night. I needed to make sure I could get his hair to comply.. It went well. He looked so, so cool!!

We all giggled and he was pretty happy that he’d decided not to be Messi. And I agreed that he looked far better than he would have as Captain America – and it was a homemade outfit instead of ‘cheating’ sticking him in a ready-made like the Captain HOOK one when he was younger..

Ok so Clark Kent isn’t necessarily a BOOK Character but he’s certainly a Comic Book Character and by that point – post MESSI, post Cpt America – I was past spent!!

It was ok – he looked fab! It was worth it…

We had a mini-photo shoot snapping tons of pics that morning and I promised him his hair would hold as he was worried it would all flop forward – it would hold for a week considering I’d used almost a full can of spray on it – don’t go near any naked flames babble – you’ll light up like a match !!!!! To be fair to Carter, his worries were justified: he needs a haircut – desperately.. I’ll get round to it.. I think he should grow it, I’d like him to grow it – he looks wicked with longer hair. He disagrees – I’ve learnt to pick my battles so I will take him – soon! 🙂

He is a superhero though! He’s Carter Kent!! LOL!!!!

But for now; here’s Carter as Clark Kent:

I love it. I have saved some of these pics to my phone, they make me smile 🙂

MY little Super HERO! He truly is too. After the year he’s had and the life he lives and he does it with such bravery and determination and the biggest heart I’ve ever known!

He deserves the title…


It was fab! Something to top next year… He has 2 left before he leaves primary school.. I need to sort myself out and think of something good I can conjure up for him.. He’ll probably want to be Messi – he hates me 🙂

What did you do for World Book Day? It’s a fun concept isn’t it? I quite like that we do stuff like this as a society.. I’m all for celebrating and going all out at Halloween too. I was born for shit like that… We don’t celebrate Easter though.. Christmas Yes – Easter NO!!! I’ll tell you why soon..

For now – be happy!!



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