Last week. Sunday night. 12th March 2017.

Lilly and Teddy (my cats) became parents again 🙂 .. We had 6 beautiful, healthy kittens. Mom delivered exceptionally well and Dad sat right beside her the whole time – never faltered in his care for her. He even helped her to ‘clean up’ afterwards and couldn’t wait to jump in the bed with them for cuddles and licks with his sweetheart and their new babies. #truelove

As granny – I was very proud (and tired) and emotional. It was a beautiful evening in our home! Many a tear was shed!


To truly understand the beauty of Teddy and Lilly’s (Romeo and Juliet) love story, you have to go back..

Back, back. To where it all began…

 We initially bought Lilly In the summer (3 years ago). She was 9 weeks old. She is a Snow Bengal. She was the only white kitten in her litter and the only one that no one wanted. Her brothers and sisters held the strong black-grey Bengal print, with piercing Green-Emerald eyes – adorable! She stood out like a sore thumb – a beautiful snowflake amongst the rubble. A Lilly in the pond of dark-black. She was incredible – gorgeous, with Olive-Green eyes and a small grey patch on the top of her head, like she’d rubbed her head on some soot. A complete oddball! And the breeder wanted a quick and easy sale.

Of course, we all IMMEDIATELY fell in love with her. She is perfect for us. I wanted to bring her home right there and then. She belonged with us! Perfectly different – and the boys adored her. Carter and I cried when we had to leave her behind until the following week. Morgan pined for her every single day. Until the day came when I could go get her after work.


I had checked and she isn’t albino, she is of full health – she is a just a genetic throw out – a snow (they all carry the gene). AND she is adorable!

 I collected her on a Tuesday.. I finished work at 3pm and brought her straight home. The boys had bet me home and were jumping up and down in the window – too giddy to stand still. Oh she was loved – much welcomed – needed. We adore Lilly – we loved her before we met her. She is perfect for us and she loves us too! You can just tell… (she also loved the redfish – the fish died mysteriously shortly after Lilly moved in!)!! 

We brought Lilly into our family initially to help Harley (our old rescue cat who we rescued from the RSPCA 8 years ago with his brother Baker). But unfortunately, due to a neurological disorder and after 2 rounds of emergency surgery to save him, we had lost Baker earlier that year. It was absolutely heart-breaking. He was the best cat in the world. He was more like a puppy dog than a cat. A human-cat.

Harley and Baker:


He was brilliant with the kids, he adored Carter especially and Carter loved him. He was good with other adults and other cats. He was so chilled and gentle. We felt the loss so hard. My boys were heartbroken for weeks! Tears everyday – for weeks! We were broken. People say ‘just a cat – a pet’ but they are wrong. Baker was a cherished member of our family and we adored him. We missed him terribly! And the pain we felt was only a shadow of what his brother must have been feeling…

Harley felt it the most, he completely changed character, became almost feral and would go off for days at a time without coming home. We thought maybe he was out searching for his brother – he just didn’t come back. He would sit in the window for days and then disappear for days. He didn’t want cuddling or stroking or to play with his toys. He was miserable and we were heartbroken for him. We had to try something to help him – when fresh kippers and catnip doesn’t work – you know you have got to do something! Poor Harley. My heart broke for him. He would MEOW and look up at us with these giant sad olive-green eyes and it just broke my heart. Too Sad..

So, we spent quite a long while, chatting with the boys and figuring things out as a family and we decided that whilst we weren’t fully ready yet; maybe Harley would like a sister? (We didn’t want to introduce another tomcat, a female would be better for him – he’s a bit timid as it is, before his grieving state, I was worried a tom would be far too much for him to handle and we could risk losing him altogether).

So, that’s how we ended up finding Lilly, from the next town over. It was August and she was loved from the second we saw her – beautiful adorable Lilly..


She chose Morgan, she’s always favoured Morgan over us all. She loves us and will cuddle us but even now (and more so in those first few weeks), she was Morgan’s cat. Favouring him to feed her and sleep with and cuddle her. She would even follow him to the toilet and back. When it was bedtime she would go and lay on his bed waiting for him to finish brushing his teeth – too cute!


She was so tiny – we’d had big black tomcats, in comparison she was the complete polar opposite.

Of course she was nervous at first – but loved and beautiful.

Harley hated her!

He didn’t just not like her – he was aggressively displeased.

We tried for days doing the gradual introduction. Days turned to weeks and eventually he would tolerate her, but he never quite accepted her like he was with his brother. She never filled that gap for him, playing together and sleeping together. Harley consequently became more feral and Lilly was the one displaying signs of wanting a playmate.

 Actually, that’s putting it lightly – she was absolutely nuts! Bonkers!

As she’s Bengal, we feed her raw meat and we keep her inside. I don’t want to risk her being stolen or hurt in the big bad world. So, a confined kitty, raw meat and no brothers or sisters to occupy her = we were constantly exhausted and she was bored.

She was literally a lunatic – legging it round like a flash and then flopping and sleeping like a little princess on her pillow only to wake, eat and then repeat the entire cycle again.

So, maybe Lilly would like a playmate? Take some pressure off us? I couldn’t stand the thought of having 2 lonely cats maybe a 3rd would bridge the gap? Or be a complete error – we didn’t know but Greg chewed my ear off that it was not a mistake and would be the best idea. He chewed and chewed, droning on and on until I was in the bath one evening minding my own business. I don’t get much privacy living in a house of men. They barge in my room or bathroom regardless and start off reeling their stories or needing to do something whilst I’m stood in my knickers – with no dignity whatsoever. Oh yes, they don’t give me much girly time. So, I’m in the bath enjoying the 5 minutes peace before someone descends and this night – it was Greg…

‘I’ve found a kitten, I think it could be the one, can I go and get it bla bla bla (his mind is already made up I can tell).. Shall I just go and get it’ (he’s almost got his shoes on and running out the door with the car keys by this point – jigging up and down in the bathroom with a big eager grin on his face) and I’m there in the bath with soap in my eyes (no dignity) wondering what the hell is going off.

Ok Yes – Let’s do it – please pass me a flannel for my eye before my eyeball melts – owch!

To be fair to him, it wasn’t that spontaneous a decision (although it did happen like that). We had researched what breed of cat would be compatible nicely with Lilly. Of course our instinct told us to go Bengal but Greg had read an article that Bengal mix well with a more relaxed breed – they neutralise each other – finding a happy balance. And so he’d seen an Advert for some ragdoll X kittens over in Lancashire and made the call. A purebred ragdoll was simply out of our price range but this one was only Ragdoll X, although you wouldn’t tell..

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a snob, nor did I want a designer cat. I just wanted a cat that I knew was healthy and from a good, strong bloodline. Loosing Baker so young had made me cautious of rescuing animals and not knowing their background. You never know their history and the vet had said what happened to Baker could have been due to a weak bloodline or inbreeding of some description. I didn’t want to take on another rescue cat only to be heartbroken (and I mean absolutely devastated – awake through the night weeping devastated), 5 years down the line because they were sick.

So, that’s how we came across Teddy. A week before Christmas (almost 6 months after we had brought Lilly home). The boys were playing one evening (a Thursday), I was in the bath and Greg told them he was nipping out to the shops.

I finished my bath, they were pretty quiet, playing nicely together and totally none the wiser (we kept it a complete secret from them). A few hours later they were suddenly concerned as to where their dad had gone. I told them he must be doing some secret shopping (wink wink – Christmas is coming) – they bought it and didn’t question further (it was late – the shops would be closed pahahahah). Instead, Greg was traipsing all the way over the moors in the dark and storms (it was an awful night of weather that night), to pick up our baby Ragdoll Kitten – aww..

When he got home the boys wet themselves with excitement and pure joy. Initially concerned that Dad had the cat-carry box in his hand; until they realise what was tucked up in the corner inside it – the tiniest ball of fluff you’ve ever seen with these HUGE blue eyes popping out at you!!! 

Awwww! He was ADORABLE!

They couldn’t contain themselves squealing and jumping around! They could not have been happier!! And to be fair – I was beaming. He Was GORGEOUS! The tiniest, fluffiest little bundle of joy! Cute, sweet joy! Another complete polar opposite to Lilly: Teddy is a total lap cat, he wouldn’t let you put him down (much to the boys happiness).

Lilly hid under the table for 2 days when we got her, Teddy slept with Carter that night and has never left him on an evening since 🙂 ❤

Teddy chose Carter – no prompting or persuasion. So strange – as if he KNEW!

Lilly had chosen Morgan and Teddy chose Carter. I kept Teddy with me for a while (much to Carter’s persistent droning of displeasure). I gave in and took him up to cuddle in bed and from that night forward – that’s where he sleeps. With his boy! Best Buddies – Beautiful!

 Lilly hated him!

 For the first 24 hours she wouldn’t go anywhere near him, demonstrating the same behaviours Harley had shown her.

Then, something amazing happened: She was stalking him (Teddy was so sweet and innocent, he didn’t notice that she hated him. At every given opportunity he was trying to smell her and be close to her and catch her etc). So, she’s stalking him and Teddy’s oblivious – playing with a ball (He’s ball mad). And then she legs it over to him, knocks him flying and runs off like lightening!

If you didn’t know Lilly, you’d have thought it was an aggressive move. Teddy was initially stunned, didn’t have a clue what had happened, didn’t seem to be able to work it out; so he went back to his ball (loves his balls). I was about to tell Lilly off when she did it again. The same thing. And then I realised: She wasn’t trying to hurt him. She was playing with him!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤

Almost as I realised, Teddy seemed to realise too and he went bounding off after her. Teddy is not the most agile cat, he has short dumpy legs, is more fluff than strength and was ¼ of the size of Lilly at that point. It was like a feather chasing a whippet. He didn’t stand a chance.

This continued, the flash of white would zoom past him, tapping him as she went and he’d attempt to bound after her – he kept fluffing up, just to show her how big and hard he was for good measure. She’d jump up high like the ground was on fire and he would sit looking up at where she’d disappeared to (probably wondering how on earth he would ever climb that high). She’d realise the game was over unless she came back down, so she’d jump back down for him to get close to her and then she’d leg it off again in the other direction. ZOOM!

ZOOM! ZOOM! It was both absolutely hilarious and beautiful to watch.

Soon enough they were exhausted and Lilly let him close enough that they both had a good sniff of each other. They both fluffed up a few times but it was all in good faith. All nice natured and friendly. They were each purring their heads off..

Teddy starts about sniffing Lilly’s bottom and then BAM, she flops her paw over his head, pins him to the floor and starts to wash him. He had no chance! She washed and washed him until every inch of his fur (he was all fur) was sticking up as if we’d chucked him in the bath. He looked so funny and spiky, and fluffy and she looked exhausted. She curled up on her back and hooked him close in to her and she cuddled him as they slept. It was so beautiful to see. Lilly and her Teddy. In less than 48hours, they’d gone from strangers to soulmate..

And it’s been a beautiful love story ever since.

Of course this is a while ago now. They are both full grown. Teddy is a HUGE Ragdoll cat with an incredible coat, think he’s a baby, a human child and even goes out to play with the kids on the street in attempt to play football with them (until he gets scared and then he climbs up the tree and watches them from safety). Lilly is a tiny, pointy, strong, loud and annoying Bengal.

Teddy likes cuddles and getting wet. Lilly likes raw chicken bones and sleeping on top of the fridge where no one can see her.

But they still play and sleep and just hang out together and their love for each other is very clear – our very own Romeo and his Juliet.


We’d decided we wanted to breed them before we had them sterilised. The way the two breeds complement each other is a wonderful match, we didn’t realise just how special until Lilly had her first litter and Teddy was the absolute doting father.

We’d booked them both in to be ‘seen to’ after the kittens (who were gorgeous and homed in loving families, each with children to play with), but, when we took Teddy to be done, we didn’t realise that he had already planted his seeds in Lilly (slut) and because I was giving Lilly a bit of time (she’s a house cat so no worries over her being stolen or getting pregnant by strays etc) before taking her, things were obviously happening on the inside that I had no idea of (slut).. So, I missed our window. WHOOPS!!

We realised (when her belly went from perfectly normal to woah – watermelon overnight – I swear – literally OVERNIGHT) that she was indeed expecting more kittens.

The vet I spoke with who checked her over said he would happily ‘see to’ the kittens but I decided against it. I didn’t have the heart to do that to her. She had done such a wonderful job with her litter and was the perfect Queen with Teddy by her side as the doting father, and as there were no concerns over her health. I decided she could have the 2nd litter and of course, this is her final one!!


So, last week, I became a granny again as Lilly birthed her 6 adorable, beautiful, fluffy, squishy, tiny, incredible kittens and Teddy wouldn’t leave her side. 

We have 3 white ones and they each have the same sooty grey patch on their head that Lilly did as a baby (hers grew out and now she’s all white. I wonder if theirs will?). They were pink when they were born. Over the last few days they’ve whitened up and fluffed up – far too cute! I can’t help squeaking out tons of ‘awwwwws’ and ‘ahhhhhhs’ when I go into my room to sit and look at them (all the time). 

2 black and grey Bengal print

1 black with white chest and paws and a tiny white dot on the end of his tail – very much like Teddy. 

2 of the white ones (one of them is the runt) and 1 of the grey ones appear to be long haired like Ted, the others seem shorter and pointier like their Momma.

 They Are So Beautiful.

 They are just over a week old now, growing daily – we weigh them and they are currently living in my bedroom so they get all the quiet and warm they need. It also means that I’m there to help Lil’ out in the night if she needs it – seen as though I never sleep. She rarely needs help. Sometimes she will lay on them and they squeal so I help her re-arrange them and get comfy but other than that – she’s good! She’s a brilliant Momma and I’m a very proud Granny ❤ IMG_7765.JPG

They are a noisy, squeaky bunch.

 Small and Adorable..

 Carter and Morgan want to keep them all.

 Greg’s trying to talk me into keeping 1 of them..

 They are – all 6 of them – needing homing, in about 8 weeks’ time..

 Morgan has been taking daily videos of these precious little bundles. It’s been cool to watch (so far), their growth and development is mesmerising.

2 of them are almost ready to open their eyes. The black one has the loudest squeal – and boy does he squeal! One of the white ones spends most of its time on her back with her legs in the air; rolling around – she even feeds this way too.. 🙂

A different white one and one of the grey ones are always scrapping, they can be happily feeding and then both decide (almost in sync) that they want the same teat and off they go – paws in the air at a million miles per hour – kitten slapping each other – it’s hilarious. We put our hand in between them to stop them scratching the others eye’s out and then Lilly intervenes and flattens them by flopping her paw out over them and pulling them in close for a cuddle. She is an amazing Mom – Queen! We adore her!

Teddy adores her – and his babies. Every given opportunity; he’s in the bed washing them or helping them poop (they lick their bottoms to stimulate bowel movements), he will lay with them – right up close to warm them up. BUT, because Teddy’s more of a puppy dog / baby human than a cat, he’s a bit thick. He ends up falling asleep, rolls over – on top of them – squashes them and just lays there completely oblivious to the squeaks and squeals coming from underneath him. Sometimes he’s looking around in a confused state as if to say ‘can you hear that too? What is that noise?’ and it’s his kittens, underneath him – getting flattened 🙂 We have to physically lift him out from off the top of them – daft cat 🙂

 Enjoy the pics of Lilly and Teddy and their beautiful babies. 

Send us some ideas for names.. There are 6 of them 🙂

I’m thinking ‘OdBall’ for the black one, He’s my favourite so far, he looks like a magic 8 ball and he is a bit odd.

So ‘OddBall’ it is. But I’m open to change should a cute and more appropriate name be suggested.

Send us your ideas below…

Check out Morgan and Carters daily videos on their YouTube channel too:

Oh, and Morgan asked me to share his Teddy Video – Danger Teddy (it’s really good):


 And if you’re ever needing a smile – you’ll always find one here, these kittens guarantee happy! And if they alone can’t manage it, Lilly and Teddy’s Romeo and Juliet love story is a dead cert… Just pop back – anytime 🙂

 Sparkles and Cute Fluffy Kittens,

Rose ❤ xx


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  1. Adorable kitten photos. Thanks for sharing! We have just rescued three siblings, Ziggy (tabby) and his two black sisters (Nera and Ebony). They are in hiding at the moment! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and this week’s poems are all about cats in case you have time to read? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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