Smiggle :)

As the Momma of a Type1 Diabetic boy, it’s always difficult finding the balance between medical needs and normal life..

His diabetes supply kit for example. It’s a constant battle between medical need and being appealing enough that he will keep it with him and carry it round at all times! It’s very important. It needs to be robust, protective, user friendly and safe; whilst still being cool enough for a 9yr old boy to carry with him at all times (very important part lol)!!!
Oh and it has to be hard wearing enough to a) keep his kit safe & usable and b) at the right temperature that his insulin and glucose doesn’t ruin. This is his life sustaining medical equipment remember – without it, he will die..

We have really taken to using Smiggle products after we saw a family with one at a JDRF conference last year..

Produced primarily as school stationary supplies, they have become our go-to products to store Carters Diabetes kit in. They’re big enough to hold everything and ‘happy’ enough to not be ‘medically obvious’… They’re pretty cool!

Also, his ‘pack’ need to be compact enough to become part of a bigger ‘stash’ he has to carry round with him at all times. As a Type1 Diabetic, his diabetes pack is only part of his life-sustaining equipment.

By life-sustaining equipment I mean: He (always) carries a backpack with him that holds:

  • Hypo Treatments
  • Glucose
  • Water
  • Glucagon (Emergency) Injection Pens
  • Snacks
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Medical Tape
  • Mepores
  • Tegaderm
  • Skin Tac

He has a choice of 2 Smiggle cases at home at the moment (but his old one is getting a bit tatty now). They’ve done him well and I made a couple of adjustments to the pencil elastic holders (I unpicked them to make them wider to hold his insulin pens).

He has this large (double zip) black one. We use 1 side for his insulin, syringes and hypo-pen and the other side houses his glucose testing machine, lancets, test strips, cotton wool and spare batteries. We use a separate bag to hold his glucose and hypo treatment because Dr Bernstein recommends glucose is kept separately from the meter and test strips to avoid contamination.

The pencil case you can see in the middle is another SMIGGLE, Carter went mad for it (pop out compartments) but it was not practical for his equipment so although he just had to have it, it didn’t make the cut for his Diabetes equipment. His teacher gets a lot of fun out of constantly asking him to ‘stop clicking out the calculator and pencil sharpener’ though 🙂 he absolutely takes it to school with him everyday (it’s handy he claims), and keeps his pens and colouring pencils in it.

Smiggle addict right there and he’s such a lad! The smiley faces on it make you feel happy, sometimes Carter’s days are hard just for the sake of being hard. He could wake up with a wonky blood sugar or just have a sniffle and bam – his blood sugars are all over the place. It really does make them feel rubbish. Long gone are the days where you have a bit of a cold and can carry on. To a T1Diabetic a cold can cost them their lives – literally. It’s a full-time job to keep them out of hospital. So, some days when you’re looking really hard for the happy – this pencil case really helps. The little things – they really matter! And, he just has great taste 🙂

So, for his birthday I took him into Smiggle to choose a new one. Their new designs are awesome and this double zip, carry-handle Dino one was perfect. He just had to have the football keyring too – cool eh?!! C for Carter 🙂

He loves it, it’s waterproof and insulted therefore will protect his equipment and help keep it at a safe stable temperature. It’s double zipped and has a carry handle. We use 1 side for insulin and the other for his testing equipment but because of the free space we can carry a spare meter and some additional bits he needs too. It really does help make life that little bit easier. The netting pockets are handy for little lancets and syringe ends that usually roll around in the bottom of his bag and his disposable syringes double up into each pencil elastic. They really are handy for diabetic kit bags even though their main purpose was a pencil case. Nice Job Smiggle!!

It doesn’t end there though.. On top of all that kit he has to carry round (plus his hypo treatment bag), for school he has his lunch and school books and PE Kit too!!

Poor Kid!

Imagine a weekend trips worth of bags – that’s my boys life – everyday!! What do they call it? Like a pack horse? Aww!

He has a huge array of Rucksacks though! I like to keep things ‘happy’ for him. I think sometimes I care more than him (He’s only 9 remember). If it’s easy to carry and not too heavy and it’s something he likes – he’s happy. It’s me that like to switch things out frequently and keep some variation where I can for him (in a very routine life, a change is as good as a rest). It’s nice to have a change and I like him to have a cool selection of the things that I can control because there’s a hell of a lot that I can’t. Therefore, he’s got a crap ton of rucksacks he can choose from. One for many different occasions (lol).

He’s wanting a Smiggle rucksack next (for the same reasons as above, plus he fell in love with one in store but bank of mom said no), they are wicked though! It’s one thing he hasn’t got.

He has a swimming backpack, one for basketball, one for weekends, one for school, one for just popping out, one for cycling and then he has a football bag and a satchel type bag and a couple of different drawstring ones and football boot bags too.

He also has a few different lunch boxes that we switch in and out depending on what type of meal he has for lunch that day (that’s another thing we do daily, to keep him safe and healthy and ultimately – alive). At 12pm each day I go to school to test his blood sugars, administer the correct amount of insulin he needs dependant on what his blood sugars are and what food I have made for him. My boy cannot eat the standard school meals because a) there’s nothing health about them, b) they are absolutely loaded with sugar and carbohydrates that he absolutely cannot have and c) the school cook’s were unprepared to accommodate is dietary requirements even though a salad and meat or meat and veggies each day would be fine – thanks then!

So, he’s after a new Smiggle rucksack / backpack thingy. This one:

He really likes it, the characters are pretty cool! I need to drop into the store and pick it up for him I think.  Hopefully my ‘momma-B’s money-tree’ will replenish really soon and I can head off to brave Meadowhall for him  😍


Awww Check him out all happy and ‘dino’ with his new kit! This was taken on his birthday 🙂

This rucksack:

It has earphone pockets for his music – essential for a 9 year old boy (LOL)!!! I think I need to get a wriggle on and treat him – a new rucksack is exactly what he needs. Plus it won’t be long before he’s all Quicksilver and Vans and Superdry like his big brother and then that poor ‘momma-B’s money tree’ will definitely have taken a super pruning!!!

Anyway, here’s the other really cool bag here too and it’s EPIC!! They even do it in really cool girly colours (oh I wish I had a little girl to get all these fluffy and unicorn-y things, I am missing out)!!! Then again, it’s probably some insane justice that I never had a girl – I would literally be totally bankrupt – long ago 🙂

You can buy Smiggle items online too. You’ll notice I’ve hyperlinked the gear we have for you to directly find on their website AND if you sign up for the emails (recommended) you get 20% off your order – winner!

You should definitely check out their website, it’s brilliant. The accessories alone just make me smile!

I am needing a night-light for Carter for when I check his blood sugars through the night – it’s literally impossible in the dark. I have my eye on this little guy! He’s pretty cute huh?

But then I also like this cool dude here, I think I need to pop down to store and check which one is the brightest. My friend uses a really cool one she found on Amazon but it’s a kitty and a bit girly, I think Carter would prefer the dog.. Either way, I need to do something – fast! My eye’s can’t function in the dark and I’ve wasted so many lancets pricking fresh air instead of Carter when checking his sugars. Just another one of those things us T1 Momma’s deal with on a daily basis that no one would understand – it’s a whole new world!!

So, check out Smiggle’s website, it is really cool – make sure you get the discount for joining their e-mail list (bonus – no constant stream of bombarding sales mail). And, check out your local store! They’re  pretty cute too..

Do it now! And have fun! AND don’t blame me when you too are totally hooked (and skint).. I would like to see what you get though. Drop me a message below!!

Happy Smiggle Shopping!…

Find the Rainbows – Be Happy!

Rose ❤



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