I made flapjack today and I am pretty proud of myself so I had to share!!

I call it ‘Momma B’s Flapjack’ but actually I totally ripped it off one of our Low Carb Baking Guru’s by combining 2 of her recipe’s and switching a couple of ingredients based on what I had (or didn’t have) in the cupboard!

(I think she will forgive me), I also made her cereal again today because the batch I made on Friday has GONE! My boys devoured it – yum!

So.. Flapjack…



For the base I followed Carolyn @ All Day I Dream About Food – she’s kind of my go-to for baking or ‘nice meal’ guides. Her nutritional information is bang on (very important for our T1 Diabetic) and her methods are simple and easy to follow – BUT her results are incredible!! I don’t think we would manage without her and her Boston Poke Cake? Oh No – we definitely couldn’t live without THAT 🙂

I used this recipe for the base: http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/2017/02/low-carb-peanut-butter-granola-bars.html

I did make some changes as I didn’t have Almonds or Pecans so I subbed in Peanuts and Cashew Nuts (this will change the nutritional data), and I used a mix-seed instead of just sunflower seeds. I still followed everything else (except adding in collagen) – I didn’t have any collagen so I added a bit of coconut oil instead – I don’t think that’s a suitable substitute but I had some and I was desperate to use it so a dollop went in. I’ve since learnt what collagen is and will be looking at ordering some. Luckily enough though it did bond together really well and isn’t crumbly. It all went in my old rickety food processor and got mashed up. Then I packed it into a lined tray really well using the back of my spoon and then when I ran out of patience I used my hands 🙂 and as I never have enough room in the fridge (I reeeeally need to stop spending my money and save up for a new bigger fridge!!). Anyway, no room in the fridge – so – I stuffed it in the freezer to set – it went better than expected (I am very amateur).

I decided I wanted to top it too. In my head, by adding a chocolate topping it would help hold it together in the boys lunch boxes and add a bit of a treat factor too? But I didn’t want to use just chocolate, I wanted something a bit softer. I remembered the Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge I made at Christmas and thought that topping would be ideal.

So, for the topping I used the chocolate part of this recipe: http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/?s=peanut+butter+chocolate+fudge

It worked really well, I just halved the amounts as I didn’t want a thick topping, just something to add a bit of a treat and help hold it together.

It stayed in the freezer for an hour and then I removed it and cut it into small squares. I do this a lot. We don’t need HUGE plateful’s of treats, just a small bite here and there satisfies us. And the biggest reason I do this is so Carter doesn’t require insulin for treats. I think administering insulin and checking blood sugars to take a treat doesn’t really constitute a ‘treat’ and defeats the object. So, I search for zero carb options, OR (like in this case), I make my own by adapting what I can think of when I’m having a brainier moment (not very often lol).

It’s nice to have a treat. REMEMBER. We are NOT on a DIET. We live everyday like this so we do not restrict ourselves on such foods. Our aim is very simply NORMAL Blood Sugars! All the extra benefits that come from our lifestyle are exactly that – an added bonus! And this flapjack is an added bonus 🙂 yay!


It’s SO YUM!

I worked it out to <4g a piece and it had no impact on my type 1 Diabetic Boy’s blood sugars AND my hubby, older son and I all enjoyed munching on some after dinner too – YUM!

I had made 2 batches from the original base ingredients so the 2nd is sat in the freezer for later in the week when I know they will have demolished what I’ve already made and be ready for the 2nd lot.IMG_7662.JPG

Chocolate Flapjack and Normal Blood Sugars with Minimal Insulin?

Chocolate Flapjack that’s healthy and tasty for the whole family? And quick and easy for a Momma to make?

Can’t get much better than that!

I snapped a shot of my boys Dexcom to see if you can guess at what time he ate his flapjack.. I bet you cant?

It was 18.00!


Thanks Carolyn!

Enjoy making your flapjack guys! Let me know how it goes 🙂

Remember to check out Carolyn’s Blog for all your dietary guidance, recipes and advice: http://alldayidreamaboutfood.com/

As it Rains – find the Rainbow!

Rose ❤ xx





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