As  I mentioned in my previous blog post, we no longer live without chocolate! We could, but we don’t have to..

We live a Low Carb Lifestyle in order to better manage (the only way to manage) my 9 year old son’s Type 1 Diabetes. We follow Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions Methods and highly recommend this to ALL Diabetics. It really is the only, safe way to maintain healthy, normal blood-sugars. Dr Bernstein believes ‘Type 1 Diabetics have a right to normal blood sugars’ and I for one agree with him 100%. Why should Carter not have the same blood sugars as Morgan? We all eat the same food, so why should he be part of a medical plan that accepts a higher, unhealthier level that will eventually see him running into diabetic complications and a shorter life. No! Not for us! Not ever!

So, we keep our carbohydrate intake to a very strict max 30g carbs a day which we measure from fibrous veggies and dairy. We do however enjoy the odd treat and I have recently attempted baking low carbohydrate cookies made with nut flours. (I will talk about these in another post). And, my boys are just normal boys remember, they live and breathe and bleed just like everyone else. They go to mainstream schools and are always around other kids who eat the standard sugar-loaded, high-carb food (we call it carbage now). But, being part of normal every-day life like that, they also require the odd treat and some treats can’t always be fresh from the fridge or cooker. They need something they can chuck in their bags when they’re heading out the door, something they can leave at school for when the whole class gets a ‘carbage’ treat, they can go grab theirs too.. Something in a wrapper!

PUNDITS Chocolate has been a lifesaver for us! From the moment I found them and we realised that their products had no impact on Carters blood sugars I was hooked.


NOW, don’t get me wrong and think we are shovelling a boat load of Pundits down our necks everyday. We don’t. In fact, I bought the first 2 bars in January and we only finished the 1st bar last week. The 2nd I used to bake with (more about that later) and Carter just took delivery of some more that he’s had 2 pieces of.

The boys maybe have 4 small squares each a week. Compare that to the size of a kit-kat, that most kids have daily and you will see, by saying ‘the occasional treat’ that this exactly what I mean. Now, that doesn’t also mean that Pundits can’t be eaten more frequently. It is healthy chocolate so it can be eaten as often as you like. BUT, we don’t live like that. We don’t need food to make us happy, and Carter has a tender tummy as it is, stacking him with unneeded artificial sweeteners will not be healthy for him in the long-run. So, the chocolate is a treat, and its welcomed, they enjoy it – everyone’s happy here!

My boy’s love this stuff, Seriously! High-five to the momma who discovered SUGAR FREE Low Carb chocolate that tastes better than a Cadburys Dairymilk, doesn’t require insulin, doesn’t spike blood sugars and doesn’t rot your teeth or (for a Type 1 Diabetic) internal organs through increasingly uncontrolled hyperglycaemia! High Five Indeed! (to me woop)!

We don’t eat carbohydrates or sugar, but we do like a treat!

Carter is 9now, he has type 1 diabetes, he likes chocolate. Morgan is 14, he does not have Type 1 Diabetes but there’s no guarantee he never will, or that by eating a boat load of sugar he wouldn’t develop Type 2, he also likes chocolate. I want them both to thrive, be healthy and to keep them safe. This chocolate they can BOTH like!

This is a reading from Carter’s Dexcom CGM after eating Pundits Chocolate at 3pm.. How many Type1 Diabetics can have blood sugar readings like these after eating a bar of chocolate?582

If you can’t, you should! And you can!


For his Birthday Carter requested some Pundits chocolate. His Nannan and Grandad ordered him some, glad to be able to treat him with something that wouldn’t be damaging, something that I would actually let him eat or that he would want to eat. We didn’t order him any because we knew they would get him some..

On his actual birthday I took an unexpected delivery addressed to Carter, we couldn’t work out who it was from but it was addressed directly to Carter, I didn’t want to open it as he was at school. So we waited, pondering over what it was, who it was from, we didn’t have a clue. I was just as excited as Carter was for him to open it when he got home…

Carter has said a few times, he thinks the guys at Pundits are super hero’s, how they’ve managed to make something so yummy and so safe and healthy for him and everyone really. He thinks they’re some kind of super-human species.. Well.. He might be right. Guess what the parcel was?


It was a BIRTHDAY GIFT to him from PUNDITS! How did they know? We don’t know!

I had sent them a thank you e-mail after our first order to let them know about his diabetes and how it was safe for him to eat. How finding them had meant a lot to us, thanking them for taking the time to make affordable, safe and healthy treats for kids like Carter but that was it. No further contact, and then this! The letter wishes him a happy birthday! They really are super hero’s! AND VERY generous, very kind people to deal with.

If you are diabetic or your child is. Get off the rollercoaster and hellish way of living and buy some of this stuff instead of your usual carbage. You will be so glad you did!

You only get 1 pair of eyes. The complications of Type 1 Diabetes set in faster and harder than you realise, even with an A1c of 6.0! After 20 years of consistently high readings, they start to die!

Carter is 8, at 28, he could potentially be going blind, not to mention the other complications that would be creeping up on him!


He is far too precious and I love him too much to give him anything that would hurt him – to slowly kill him with the recommended DOH nutritional plan of high carbohydrates and ‘it’s ok, just cover it with insulin’ .. It’s not ok! It is never ok and one day, people will realise! I just hope that for you, that day isn’t a day too late…

We dipped our toes in to see if we could find a better way of life, to keep our son safe and healthy and Dr Bernstein empowered us to do that with his BOOK. Little things like this chocolate (that I’ve made such a big deal about) is what makes every-day life that little bit easier for us and because this is how we live now, we do sweat the small stuff. It is all important and all relevant.

Thank You Pundits, you guys are awesome!

Check out their website here: https://pundits.co.uk/ and Enjoy!


Look for the Rainbows and find your Happy, Rose ❤


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