Surviving in a Wonderful Suffering!

Who am I?

I’m a Wife, Mom, Nurse, Warrior, Worrier and Artificial Pancreas for my Type1 Diabetic son.
I’m just here, living in the UK, with my husband and boys, documenting our lives because one day, I want them boys to look back and remember – to survive. Never Give Up!

We are Surviving in a Wonderful Suffering…

As a Type1 Family we Follow Dr Bernstein’s Diabetic Solutions Methods and live a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Maintaining normal non-diabetic blood sugars and avoiding scary life-threatening complications for my boy.

We also have many other Auto-Immune Diseases in our bloodline, so I have recently started trying to maintain our health using food as medicine; by creating healthy, nutrition-rich supplements and bacteria to heal our Gut (wish me luck).

I may also write about other random elements in our lives: crocheting, uni, cycling, caravanning, our cats (who are ruining my life) and fashion (or lack of).

I might swear, I ALWAYS have undetected typo’s in my posts and I make no apologies for who I have become!